New Products

Digitally Printable Carpet

Two Styles: Carpet Lite and Loop Carpet

A custom carpet conveys your image and your message beautifully, whether at a trade show or a special event

Carpet Lite: Very low pile, smooth rubber backing already applied. Excellent white color, very little carpet dust. Available 18", 72", 126" and 144" wide. Samples available.

Loop Carpet: Low pile, jute backing, loop carpet available in 63", 126" and 144" wide. Sample available.

Both carpet styles are manufactured in the USA and are in stock.

Printable Media

Fabrics, Banner Vinyl and Paper Card Stock

Flex America offers digitally printable media in scrim reinforced fabric, frontlit, backlit, mesh, cloth and specialty fabrics

Also, we offer digitally printable card stock ranging from .008 PT to 100 PT Specialty Card Stocks.

These include Opaline backlit paper for transit systems, 100% opaque Stoplight paper for POP and retail applications, and film and foil laminated board for spectacular fold carton applications.

Channel Letters

Specialty Cast Acrylic Color Changing Channel Letters

Highly attractive Acrylic Block Letters and wholesale manufactured channel letters or block letter signs

Flex America offers specialty color changing cast acrylic for channel letters and block cast acrylic for the highest quality most legible on premise signage.

We offer sheet substrates plus we will manufacture the signs for you if you wish on a wholesale basis.

We offer a 2 week turnaround for manufactured signage. Our plant is in Korea. Our materials are UL approved and our workmanship is first class quality.