About Us

Flex America is a sign manufacturing company based out of New Hampshire, with production, research, and development facilities in South Korea.

We have been manufacturing on-premise signage, acrylic signs, and channel letters for over 35 years.  We deliver our technology worldwide servicing Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.  Our factory is ISO 9001 and KSO 9001 approved. Major customers such as Samsung and Hyundai have benefitted from our expertise We now offer our unique sign manufacturing technology to North America.

Flex America’s business model is to market our technology to design firms and sign manufacturing companies, We sell to sign companies. We work with North American sign manufacturing companies to supply our new technology. In addition, we are a sub-contractor supporting their manufacturing requirements. We subcontract sign manufacturing of all types with sign companies nationwide. Customers value our commitment to the highest quality standards, attention to detail, excellent communications, and quick manufacturing turnaround times.

A Word from Our Company President,

John McNair

“Flex America is made up of dedicated signmakers, progressive managers, and problem solvers. All are committed to the highest level of quality, service, and technology.

More importantly, we are committed to the success of our customers.”

What Makes Us Different?

Flex America is a group of dedicated sign makers, progressive managers and problem solvers. All are committed to the highest level of quality, service and technology.

Flex America offers subcontract manufacturing services for all types of signage. Our customers value our manufacturing quality and consistency; as well as, our quick turnaround time and reliable deliveries.

We have developed the Top 1% in sign making technology. We are expert in manufacturing ChangeGlas, color changing acrylic letters (no perforated vinyl), Micro Perforated Stainless Steel color changing channel letters and Ultra Thin Stroke block letters (1 MM).

Most importantly, our customers value our commitment to their success, one order at a time.

Quality Standards

Flex America manufacturing is committed to the highest world wide standards of quality and consistency.

Our South Korean manufacturing facility is internationally recognized. We have attained approvals from ISO 9001 and KSO 9001 for quality in manufacturing.

Strategic Alliances

Flex America works with Graphic design firms and sign manufacturing companies to create value for the entire supply channel.

Ultimately this cooperation leads to benefits for the end users in creating their brand identity.

Brand Identity

Flex America products are used by companies all over the world wishing to enhance their brand recognition and brand identity.