Future Signage

Flex America is developing LED and acrylic combinations to enhance brand identity, while advancing and creating exciting sign technology!

  • 3D Channel Letter Face Technology
  • Flexible Neon-style Acrylic Technology
  • Integrated Micro-Perf Stainless Steel Applications

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Examples of Future Signage

Future Signage at the Beach

Showcase your message anywhere!

Future Signage as a Light

Create a unique source of light inside a building.

Future Signage Outdoors

Make a statement like this outdoor patio.

Future Signage as a Railing

Illuminate your balcony with our unique signage.

Unique Shapes and Sizes

We push the boundaries of "signage" with our latest technologies!

Additional Unique Options

Back-lit glass panels offer very unique answers to unique design needs.

Lighting & Signage

Think outside the box when you think Future Signage from Flex America!