Micro-Perf Letters

Micro-Perf Letters: micro-perforated stainless steel face color-changing channel letter technology.

This proprietary sign manufacturing technology from Flex America creates a channel letter which appears to be a solid stainless steel letter, however, when illuminated, the face turns white (or color if desired).  The effect is at once warm and inviting but unique and striking when illuminated.  The benefit is a truly unique channel letter which stands out.  When a company is looking for something new in channel letter manufacturing, Micro-Perf offers a premium solution.

  • The face may be polished or matte stainless steel, or perhaps a special color like our new granite surface coloring.
  • We offer ten special metal finishes like the letter “B”.  These are called Micro-Perf 1.0.
  • We offer ten specialty coating finishes like the granite surface letter “D”.  These are called Micro-Perf 2.0.
  • The internal illumination may be white LED or RGB colors.
  • Micro-Perf offers a very clean look, with a sharp color change to white when illuminated.
  • Maximum Micro-Perf letter height 5.25’ without seams (larger with seams).
  • Minimum Micro-Perf letter height  2”.
  • Minimum Micro-Perf stroke size 1/2” (12.7 mm).
  • Minimum Micro-Perf return depth 3” (standard).

Examples of Micro-Perf Letters

Micro-Perf Letters - Garage Signage

Day-time shot of a Micro-Perf sign with a gold finish.

Micro-Perf Letters - Garage Signage

Evening shot of an illuminated Micro-Perf sign.

Micro-Perf Letters - K

Off/On Micro-Perf Letters in Chrome

Micro-Perf Letters - R

Off/On Micro-Perf Letters in Gold

Micro-Perf Letters (Off)

Unique shapes and sizes are possible in a variety of finishes.

Micro-Perf Letters (On)

Construction for a bright-white illumination of your sign!

Micro-Perf Ceiling - Green

With our technology, your sign can be anywhere!

Micro-Perf Ceiling - Purple

Micro-Perf ceiling installation shown in purple.