Prestige Metallic Letters

Metallic coated block acrylic technology is recognized as a material that helps create iconic brand identity.

Companies and organizations look to create and nurture their individual Brand. Signage selection is one way to accomplish this.  Company brand identity is enhanced by eye-catching sign styling technology.  Metalizing acrylic is a technology that creates unique letters with a truly magical appearance.  Flex America metalized acrylic letters are produced by a proprietary process which applies a colored metallic coating resulting in a premium finish.

  • The finish may be polished or matte.
  • The finish may be opaque or translucent
  • The finished letters may be halo-lit, side-lit, back-lit, or front-lit.
  • The maximum height is 24”
  • The minimum height is 2”
  • The minimum stroke is 10 mm (25/34”)
  • Minimum return is 30 mm /  1.18”
  • No hot spots.
  • Any color is available.

Examples of Prestige Metallic Letters

Prestige Metallic Letters - D

Gold metallic to front-lit bright white.

Prestige Metallic Letters - E

Chrome metal to bright white.

Prestige Metallic Letters - Symbols

Unique symbols and logos, from a metallic finish to bright white.