Thin Letter Light

We offer an ultra-thin stroke illuminated letter style unlike any other!

Flex America utilizes special block acrylic manufacturing technology that allows us to make block acrylic letters and shapes with an ultra-thin stroke.

  • LEDs are embedded in the letters and shapes with no hot spots.
  • LEDs may be any color.
  • This style of letter allows for unique design intent utilizing graceful shapes and curves.
  • The maximum height is 6’6”
  • The minimum height is 2” (At the minimum height we use beveled edges to embed LEDs)
  • The minimum stroke is 1 mm (3/64”) corner work.
  • Letters may be front-lit, side-lit, backlit or halo-lit.
  • Surface materials for returns may be gold, silver, grey, or any color.

Examples of Thin Letter Light

Thin Letter Light - Silver D

Bright, thin, cursive options for Thin Letter Light.

Thin Letter Light - Gold D

Many colors available, show here in gold for an elegant Thin Letter Light.

Thin Letter Light - Brown D

Crisp and professional design styles, with backlighting available.

Thin Letter Light - White D

Another option within our Thin Letter Light line.