Meet: John McNair

Flex America was created to support American signmakers with high-quality and reliable sub-contract manufacturing. We combined this with the top 1% in the newest sign manufacturing technology developed over 40 years of servicing demanding customers worldwide. The result is a company leading the industry with the best technology and manufacturing capability. We are managed by experienced sign people who have made contributions to the industry and whose commitment is to use our resources to help your company succeed.

Personally, I have served the sign industry for over 30 years, working in flexible sign materials, web printing, paper supplies, and channel letter and LED manufacturing.

Phone:  (603) 498-4662

Meet: Pat O'Rourke

Extensive sign business experience including significant contributions to growth in Sign Supply Distribution and Flexible Sign Materials.

Now involved in the growth of sign manufacturing outsourcing and introduction of innovative new sign-making technology to North America.  I am ready to help your company with any project!

Phone:  (425) 503-7323

Meet: Albert Kim

As head of international business relations my goal is to streamline communication and help you every step of the way until the finished product is at your door.

Based right outside of Boston I am here to be your main resource for communication. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything, direct them my way! I would love to meet you so feel free to reach out via text, call, or email. I will always be one click away!

Phone:  (978) 697-4846