Our Products

Flex America is a sign manufacturing company based out of New Hampshire, with production, research, and development facilities in South Korea.

We offer a wide array of sign technologies, most of which you can peruse down below.  Missing something that fits a project scope of yours?  Please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience and we’ll work hard to be your solution for signage.

ChangeGlas™ Color Changing Acrylic Letters

Colored acrylic sheets with special pigment chemistry that changes to white when illuminated.

Prestige Metallic Letters

Block acrylic with metalized finishes, polished or matte formats, as well as opaque or translucent formats.

Neon Style Acrylic Letters

Acrylic LED technology simulating old-fashioned Neon.

Micro-Perf Letters

Stainless steel channel letters that turn white (or colored) when illuminated.

Micro-Perf 2.0

Stainless steel letters with multi-colored surfaces that change to white or colored when illuminated.

Micro-Perf Wall Cover

Newest technology enabling Micro-Perf imaging to extend to entire wall surfaces.

Future Signage

As a world leader in developing sign technology, we stay on top of emerging technologies favored by companies seeking brand identity.

Thin Letter Light

Block acrylic with embedded LED lighting and ultra thin stroke (minimum 1mm).

Specialty Acrylics

We consistently innovate our LED and Acrylic combinations for effective sign making. We are specialists in block acrylic machining as well as expert fabrication of acrylic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn't answered here? Please do not hesitate to contact us - we'd be happy to hear from you!

Are your products Certified?

Yes, all Flex America products are UL Certified and shipped with UL stickers on them.

Additionally, our factory and research & development quality standards are ISO 9001 and KSO 9001 certified.

Where do you manufacture?

All manufacturing is done in our facility in South Korea.

What is your lead time on quotes?

We usually return requests for quotes within 24 hours.

What is your manufacturing lead time?

The normal manufacturing lead time is 2 weeks, large orders may take longer and will deliver by agreed-upon scheduling.

What is shipping lead time?

Air freight shipping is normally 2 weeks.

Allow 55 days for Ocean Freight.

What are your limits regarding size and quantity of signmaking?

We manufacture all types of signs in all sizes and quantities.

What is your warranty?

We warranty our signage for 10 years outdoors.

We warranty our LEDs for 5 years.